Sensory Toys

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Each of my children has a box of sensory items and fidgety toys that they enjoy and use often.  They are perfect for the stocking and are helpful throughout the year.  Here are the top 10 choices of our family.  Most items are under $20 and some have multiples included.

1.  Magic Rainbow Ball

These are perfect on the go in the car. It keeps the mind and hand busy.  They are very easy to use, even my guy with a hand tremor can move the balls in and out of place with ease.

2.  Fidget Spinner

There are so many different styles out there.  The favourites in our home are the metals ones, they have a bit more weight to them and often come in a nice container.

3.Fidget Cube

These come in a variety of colours and have different things to do on each face of them.  They are small and my guys often keep one in their pocket.

4. Squeez A Bean

These are cute little soy beans in a pod.  They come on a keychain.  When you squeeze the pod, the cute little bean pops up.  It’s very quiet too.

5. Marble Fidget Toy

This is a great one.  So quiet and simple and another perfect fidget to have in a pocket.

6. Silly Putty

This galaxy putty is fun to look at and to play around with.

7. Slider Puzzles

We often have these in the car with us too, or waiting in the line up.  The link below is for a pack of 10, I have purchsed them as singles too.

8. Foot Bands

My boys use these at the dinner table and while they are doing their schoolwork.  It helps them stay focused and in their seat.

9.  Chewlery

I have one that loves to chew on things. A necklace or bracelet is perfect for this.

10. Stress and Squishy Balls

There are a variety of these out there.  The favourite with ours are the colourful squishy balls encased in mesh.

There are also fidget and sensory packages that are more cost effective if you are wanting to get a few things to stuff that stocking with.  I hope this has given you some ideas!