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I love Christmas and all of the fun that the season can bring.  At our home, we try to keep the same traditions each year. Having a few children that need routine and consistency it’s important we keep this time of year predictable.  Here are 12 activities that our family enjoys each year!


1. CHRISTMAS TREEchristmas tree farm

Around the first week of December, we all pack up and head out to our local Christmas tree farm.  There are many local farms to choose from.  There are farms that are high energy and have lots of festivities going on and there are more low key ones.  It really depends on your family and what would suit you best.  We have found one in our area that has a small snack shack, a few decorations, and a large treed area.  If you live in the lower mainland of BC, this is where we go. Oh Christmas Tree Farm


Movie Night


We have a box of our favourite classic movies (Netflix has a good array of these too) and every weekend we choose a movie to watch together.  Usually, this goes along with a special treat or two!  Again, a routine is important to a couple of ours, so we watch the movie early enough that bedtime routine is not disrupted.


3. BAKING COOKIESbaking cookies

Baking a batch of cookies together or a few seems to help us get into the spirit.  They could be wrapped up and given as gifts over the holiday season.  Pinterest always has some great cookie recipes.  Here’s a link to my Christmas Pinterest board that has some recipes in there! Christmas Board  I also really enjoy the company’s coming cookbook, this is where I get most of my recipes from.



There are many prebuilt houses or if you are enthusiastic you can bake your own and put it all together.  Get some Christmas music going to help set the mood and everyone can create a house and put a village together.  We usually end up having them eaten before the week’s end though!




There are so many crafts that can be made and given as gifts or you can decorate the house with these little treasures.  I know that the grandparents in our family love to get homemade trinkets from the kids.  There are endless ideas flooding the internet with anything from easy to intricate.




Ugly sweaters are in style, why not create your own.  Find an old sweater, cardigan or t-shirt and glam it up.  Sew on a pattern, add some pom poms or sparkle it up a bit.  There are so many options with this.  It would definitely be a one of a kind!




A family walk looking at the lights gives a magical evening to all.  We love going around and looking at the neighbours light displays, we even visit other areas around.  Some people really go all out.



8.  ICE SKATINGskating

Many of our local rec centres host winter wonderland family skates.  Downtown also has an outdoor skating rink.  Look around in your area to see if there are any unique skating experiences.  Grouse Mountain hosts Peak of Christmas where they have an outdoor skating pond in a very Christmasy setting.


9.  CHRISTMAS CARDSart for cards

Spend an afternoon or evening together creating and decorating Christmas cards.  The recipients I’m sure would be delighted to open a special card made by your littles or bigs!  They can incorporate some artwork that they’ve done or use a coloring sheet for the pattern.



10.  PLAYING IN THE SNOWsnow winter

Having an old fashion snowball fight, building a snowman or making a fort is always a great way to pass some time and have fun together.  My kids love to be in the snow, we don’t get much, and I have a great time sharing the experience with them.




Many local churches and community centres have Christmas concerts for free or a small donation.  We love to listen and sing along to the popular Christmas carols.  There are, of course, busier places too.  The mall often has different choirs and musicians to entertain costumers while they are shopping.


12.  CARE PACKAGEScare package

Your family can make up little care packages and hand them out to others who are in need in your community.  A friend of mine used to do this with her children in the spirit of giving and it’s a good way to have the children involved in doing something positive for the community that you live in.  Some items that can be added to the little bags are gloves, tissues, coupons for a coffee or small meal, a piece of fruit, hand warmers, socks or band-aids (to name a few).


I hope this gives your family some fun ideas for this holiday season. Links for some of the holiday items are below.  I’m always looking for new experiences.  What does your family do?  I’d love to hear from you, comment or send me an email.


Happy Holidays!

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