I’d like to wish my husband a Happy Anniversary.  16 years!! Who knew where we’d be and what life would have looked like when we first got together.
I can’t even remember what my expectations were when I first got married.  Life has taken so many twists and turns, ups and downs.  We have had hard, sad, frustrating, happy, exciting and emotional times.  We both have changed.
I am so thankful to have my husband as my partner, doing this life and parenting thing together.  Raising children that have been affected by alcohol, drugs, trauma etc. is not always an easy task.  Heck, raising neurotypical children can be a challenge.
We have done so much learning individually and together.  We aren’t always on the same page at the same time, we have moments when our own thoughts and ideas clash.  We have differing thoughts on why things are happening and we each process our own “stuff” in different ways.
Even though we have quite a few difference, as I’m sure most people do, we also have a lot in common.  We both want the very best for our children and family.  We are committed to each other and to working through things.  No matter how frustrated each of us gets, at the end of the day, we come together.  We still laugh at each other’s jokes and like the same things.  I have my moments and he’s still here.
There is comfort in knowing that no matter what, your partner has got your back.  Bad moments are just that and nothing more.  Part of supporting each other is accepting that we too are individuals and humans.  We are doing our best and we both are learning, continually learning.  We are learning from each other, our community of support and our little people.
Raising a family that has children with challenges can really put your marriage to the test.  It is so important to make yourself and each other a priority, even when things are chaotic.
We still have date nights, maybe not as much as we’d like but they exist.  We take the time, when the kids are in bed, to spend it with each other.  We talk, or maybe I talk, all the time.  I try to listen and most importantly – we still laugh!
I am so thankful that he chose to be on this journey with me.