(everybody should have one):

  1. This is a personal blog.  I am sharing my life experiences as an individual person, wife and mother.
  2. The content is my own personal thoughts, understanding, experiences , opinions and perceptions.  As life changes, so may my thoughts and opinions.  The past posts may not reflect the thoughts and feelings of my current posts.  I consider myself to be a lifelong learner and someone with an open mind, which will be reflected in my writing.
  3. All information is accurate and true to how I see things, as these are my opinions, but there may be errors, mistakes or omissions and information may change over time.
  4. This blog is for entertainment purposes and to share a bit of our world.  I am hoping that my stories and experiences can help create some understanding and acceptance of ones self and others.  This should not be seen as any kind of professional advice.  I am not a therapist, attorney, medical professional, healthcare professional etc… I am a parent, wife, friend and my own woman in the world.  IF you are taking information as advice, this is done at your own risk.   Please consult with a professional if you, a friend or your child is needing help and advice.
  5. I encourage interactions and comments.  Comments from readers are their own opinions. I can delete comments at any time. Any rude, volatile or comments that use profanity in a negative way, will be removed.
  6. This website uses a combination of my own photos and photos from sites that I have registered with.  None of these images are intended to offend anyone and are being used to enhance your enjoyment of reading the entries.
  7. At times I will have links to other websites and blogs.  I try to ensure that these are accurate and in good working order.  Mistakes happen, urls and domains change.  I am not responsible for external links and I’m not responsible for any source that links back to this website.  Any opinions of fellow bloggers that I link to are their own opinions and not mine. Please let me know, if you feel that the external link is not accurate.
  8. I reserve the right to change this blog, it’s content and focus and how it’s managed at anytime.