Summer time is here, which means family road trips.  I love going on road trips and taking in all of the scenery that our beautiful province has to offer.  Also it makes for some great memories.  We’ve been on 2 road trips so far this summer and have another one coming up in the near future.  Road trips have changed a lot since having children and has given me a whole different experience.
Since we have a van that’s on it’s last leg, our enjoyment of these road trips have been enhanced by having all 5 of us being squished in a truck.  This is not bad, it’s fun, you know close time together!  The set up is: 1 child in the front with mom and dad and 2 children in the back separated by a cooler.  I have no idea how, but they still manage to get into each other’s space.  Maybe a leg creeps over or one is leaning too much on the cooler making it move a quarter of an inch, who knows.  What would a road trip be without these moments?  I for sure won’t know, plus it adds to the stories for later in life.
Now I’m sure most of us use some kind of GPS on a trip, we do.  The best part is that at some point it messes up.  We have no service or it tells us that we have arrived at our destination in the middle of a highway.  The back seat drivers try to help the front seat drivers with directions and the one child continues to mimic the voice and copy every instruction as it’s being said by the gps navigator.  I think maybe we should look into actually getting a paper map.  We can use this for a homeschooling credit, right??  Something to think about.
Then there’s the bathroom stops.  We take frequent stops at gas stations and rest stops and usually have these planned out.  That all sounds great, but someone ALWAYS doesn’t have to go when we plan it and eventually we will need to make that emergency side of the road stop.  Maybe it’s just the novelty of having to use the bathroom when there isn’t one available? Rough it like the old days?  “Mom, remember that time I had to pee on the side of the road?” will be a conversation piece for the next few months.
We will each have a meltdown.  Literally…. each of us has a moment, whether it be frustration, tiredness, hangry, needing to stretch our legs and walk around or stress because the music has messed up, no matter the reason, it always creeps up.  Eventually these moments are in the distance and we spend time laughing about them.
We always arrive at our destination, thankful to be there and for the most part enjoying our time. As I look at the process of getting there, it’s the good things that shine and the rough patches that often bring laughter in our hearts or make us appreciate what went well. It’s the memories that we make together that are important.
I read somewhere that every time you find humour in a difficult situation, you win! I’m all for the win!!!
Now to plan our next road trip, Staples has map books still, right??