This is the time of year that many people come up with a new goal or a big plan for the new year. I don’t do this. What??? No New Year goal? Yup, that right. I am not a New Year’s resolutions kind of person. I am a moments person. Don’t misunderstand me, I do have goals (many of them), but I try to set up my goals for success, throughout the year and work on these goals continually.

I find that a resolution can add a bit more pressure in my life. Also it encourages a feeling of failure when the attempt to attain that large goal is not accomplished.

From my experience, not many people stick to their resolutions. It’s an all or nothing approach. The thing is life is a journey of learning and is always changing.

Circumstances change, thought processes change and even the thought of what is most important can change. Perspectives change with experiences and learning. Placing a grandiose gesture of something that we want to accomplish by the end of the year can be overwhelming, especially since life happens and many things come up out of our control.

One of my children has great insight on this and really opened my eyes when I became overwhelmed with some clutter in our home (which was a much bigger job than I had intended).

Before the Christmas season began, I needed to do some reorganizing of our space to fit in the tree and the decorations. As I began, I hadn’t set out a “plan’ and had created a bit more clutter. Seeing my frustration with this and the overwhelmed look I must have had on my face, my son jumps in and holds up and item and says, “Mom, where can we put this?”. Well that was easy, that item could go on the shelf in the pantry.

He then said, “Mom when I have a lot to do or a big project, I think, what can I do right now? Then I focus on that one thing. When that is done I tackle the next.” Such an insightful guy.

So when thinking about a big goal for the year, it can become overwhelming to attain. I set up goals throughout the year and chunk them into smaller pieces to help with the success of achieving that goal. What can I do right now to help me achieve my goal. If that didn’t work out, it’s OK, there’s always a new moment to have an opportunity to do better.

I would like to wish all my readers a Happy New Year.