Summertime is here.  I welcome the change in routine, greater opportunities to choose what to do with our time and the slower pace.  However, raising children who need consistency, routine and predictability, summer can be a challenge.  This is why we create a “Summer Bucket List”.  

Each year as summer approaches, we sit down as a family and discuss some of the activities that each of us would like to do. I try to keep routine times the same, as much as possible.  Routine things like bedtime, meal times, morning and evening routines can easily be kept, even if we are camping or out for the day.

Having our summer somewhat predictable and loosely laid out helps reduce the anxiety that some of our children feel and helps me too.  Below are a few items that are on our bucket list, please feel free to comment on how you get through the summer.  I’d love to hear what some of your family’s favourite summer activities?  Is there anything that helps with the changing routine in your home?


There are lots of opportunities to swim in outdoor and indoor pools.  When we hed t an outdoor pool, I’ll usually bring a picnic lunch.


We can spend endless hours on the beach.  We bring a packed lunch with us and explore the shoreline, build sand castles and splash in the water.


Often there are different levels of waterslides and water play.  We bring our own lunch with us and make a day of it.

Mini golfMinigolf

We have both indoor and outdoor courses in our community.

amusement park

Amusement Park

This is a yearly event for us. We head out for the day with some good friends and spend the day on the rides. 

go cartGo Carts

Our youngest is finally at the age and tall enough to participate in this activity.  So I wasn’t surprised when this made it’s way on the list.


We pack water and lunch and go to different trails.  The childre love to explore all things in nature.


This always makes the list.  Camping and spending time together away from the tech and busyness is a very welcomed activity.

berriesBerry Farms

Picking berries at the local farm and coming home to make something good to eat is rewarding.  Our local farms usually have little cafes, activities for the kids and shops on the property.


My children love to bake.  This is great on a rainy day.  I try to get them to look up the recipes in my books and decide on something they would like to try.  Often we bake things that I wouldn’t have considered!

people watching movie in open air cinema in city parkOutdoor Movies

Our community hosts movies in the park once a month in the summer.  This is a fun free event to attend.  Bring blankets, lawn chairs and snacks!


We have a local pottery place that has many small items for the children to choose from and paint.  Usually we make a new cereal bowl or breakfast plate.


Rainy day or hanging out at the house day crafts.  I love all things art, painting, glueing, glitter, creating.  It’s awesome to see what the kids create and their creative process.


We try to visit the library every couple of weeks  throughout the summer.  Often the local library will have free summer activities and they have a summer reding club.

FriendsVisiting Friends and Family

We will meet up with our family friends at local parks, have a barbecue or go out and meet up together.