So many families get excited to have the school year end and summer begin.  I love a bit of a change in pace too.  I’m sure many of us welcome a bit of sleeping in, not being rushed out the door and not having to come up with one.more.lunch., but we’re not quite  there yet.  This time is usually busy for everyone and once we are over this “transitional” time, I’ll be happy!
There’s the mad rush to get everything done, all assignments in, all games played, appointments wrapped up, oh yah I still need to hand in that textbook (ugh).
Change in routine means new beginnings.  New beginnings tend to bring on feelings of anxiety, stress and confusion for my guys.  So we start to plan now, well more like a few weeks ago.
In these times, I try to keep life, language and expectations very simple.    I have to limit the “load” they get from everyday life and try to keep the days as stress free as possible.  Changes are kind of a part of life and out of our control and it’s important to help them to learn to navigate them.
Usually, at this point in the year, I have let some simple things slip.  I am quickly reminded, through the behaviours I see, that these times are really important to have everyday be as predictable as possible.
So off to work I go, writing social stories, putting together visual routines, updating the family calendar and having those visual toolboxes for emotional regulation out in the open.  I also become a master laminator, got to keep those treasures encased in plastic.  Many of these items become a part of our home decor and really help with the anxiety of the unknown.  Actually, I think they help our guests too!
Summer activities are the preferred ones for my gang.  We all love exploring beaches, messy art, park picnics, hiking, spending time with friends and summer camp.  I LOVE summer camp and once we get over the change of routines and some behaviour that goes along with it, it’ll be a welcomed season.