The lead up to the holiday season was a tough one this year.  I had so many appointments and things on my “to do” list, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed.  Honestly, I didn’t get everything done that I set out to do and I’m OK with this.


Once the kids activities were on pause and the school program stopped, I made a decision to pause too.  Not pause in the sense of not doing anything, but taking a pause on how much was crammed in my day.  I still had my usual list of what I wanted to get done and of course there’s the “have tos” on there (like feeding everyone), but for the most part the list was shortened and I spent more time just enjoying the moment we were in.


The holiday season is usually a harder time for our children.  It has been known to bring up different feelings.  The anticipation of the big day brings its own set of emotions and a bit of a routine change.  Even with all that, we managed to have a pretty great few weeks.


It was such a nice change from the go go go of life, to something that was a bit more chill.  We really spent time enjoying the moments that we spent together.  It was great playing in the snow at the mountain, making crafts, playing games etc.. and not having to do this all on a timeline.


Since this experience was such a positive shift, it has sparked a shift in my own brain.  It has shown me the value in not loading up the day and to appreciate things when they are going well.  We have times that are not and struggles just like everyone else.  So these times are golden and I am grateful to have them.


As we come out of the holiday season and back into routine, I will take the simplicity that we had experienced and try to incorporate more of that into our lives.  It has had a positive impact on us on a whole as a family.


I see less scheduling in our future.