So, here it is, my beautiful chaotic life.  The cause of my madness and the maker of my happiness, all in one.
My Name is Heidi and I’m a mother to 3 beautiful children and a wife to a wonderful man (who is capable of putting up with me).
Growing up, I’ve always wanted children and I knew that I wanted to take the path of adoption.  Since I was five, I was going to adopt and I never wavered from that. Luckily for me, my husband felt the same way and so our journey began.  What a journey it has been, well maybe closer to an off road experience.  We’ve had ups and downs, tears and excitement, worries and celebrations, (as raising a family naturally brings).
I have always been in the “helping” role.  I baby-sat when I was young and in my teens, I’ve always loved being around people (big and littles), I gravitated more towards people who were needing extra support. My career has always revolved around education, daycares, group homes with adults, teens and children.  When my husband and I were first married, we provided respite care for families and opened our home to international students.
So, when we were ready start building our own family, it was an easy decision in our minds.  We would adopt children that had a bit of a harder start to life.  Why wouldn’t we? We’ve got skills, we can do this, this is going to be easy!!!
Here’s what we knew for sure, we would provide, consistency, routine, support and love and lots of it.  What we didn’t know was the journey that we would go on, the challenges that we would face and how the barriers of our own thinking would be changed.
We adopted 3 children, one girl and 2 boys, each at separate times.  Our daughter, Charlie, came home to us when she was 5 years old, our first son, Jimmy, joined our family 1.5 years later at 11 months old and our youngest son, MJ, came home 2.5 years after that at 11 months old.
Each of our little people have brought their own set of challenges and uniqueness of joy into our home.  Each have disabilities that are invisible and varying levels, which brings a different level of parenting out in the world. We have been touched by Trauma, FASD and ADHD.  We have many wonderful people in our lives that support us in all different ways.
As I write this blog as an outlet for me, I’m hoping it will also be a support for you.  As I go through my own journey, I will be sharing past and present experiences through writing.  This is a new endeavour for me,  anyone who knows me, knows I have the “gift of the gab”,  so I’ve decided to put that to writing.
Moments is what I keep in the forefront of my mind.
Each day is made up of many moments.  Some moments we want to cherish and some we want to forget, but each is a small snippet in time.  We can’t do anything about the moments that pass, but we can mold the new ones that follow.